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Invisible orthodontics cosmetic brackets


The                  Aligners


Made Exclusively from Zendura™ FLX

Zendura™ was developed for the specific needs of a major U.S. clear aligner treatment company in 1999 and introduced as a product in 2005. Since then, approx. Two Million Zendura™ aligners have been produced.

Zendura FLX combines superior stress retention, clarity, and patient comfort through its unique 3-layer construction.

An inner shell firmly grips the teeth and an outer shell provides a tough barrier against bruxing or grinding from the opposing dental arch. A third, central layer provides elastic rebound.

What's more? Zendura™ is completely BPA and phthalate free!


View your specific treatment plan, including the appropriate number of steps required to achieve the perfect smile, with our new 3D viewer. This viewer is a great tool for treatment planning and provides treatment insight for clinicians and patients.

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