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Partner with Us!

Locate your scanner and software brand below for instructions on connecting with AA Dental Design Inc.


DS Core

AA Dental Design is now also present on DS Core, the new cloud solution from Dentsply Sirona. DS Core is a collaborative

software used by dentists and lab technicians worldwide.

Please click on the link below to accept the invitation

and join DS Core. I hope you enjoy DS Core!

Experience our DS Core Digital Workflows


  1. Go to and log in.

  2. Click My Favorite Recipients under PARTNER.

  3. Under My Favorite Recipients, click on Search Recipient.

  4. There are several ways to search for our lab.                                         

    • Select Search direct or Search around me.                                       

    • Search by: County, Zip Code, Region, Service, or Offer.

  5. Once you have filled out one of the fields provided, click on the Start Search tab.

  6. Scroll down to see the Search Results. Click on the orange (+) next to AA Dental Design to add to your account.

  7. Once you have selected AA Dental Design, it will show under Recipients at the top of your Sirona Connect Portal screen. This means you have added AA Dental Design to the portal successfully.

iTero Scanner.JPG


Call iTero and add AA Dental Design Inc. using our

AA Dental Design ID: 25880

  1. Log in to the communicate account in

  2. Then Go to the (1) Connections, (2) Tab, (3) Add, (4) type in  AA Dental Design, and (5) Connect.

  3. The laboratory must accept the clinic account invitation to start sending cases over. When the laboratory approves the connection in the communicate account the clinic need to go into Trios classic or 3DD software and refresh the laboratories by following the steps below.

  4. Trios classic: Configure → lab connections →test connections

  5. 3DD : More → Settings → connections→ labs →refresh

  1. Log in to with the administrator account.

  2. Go to Partners on the left menu.

  3. Search for the lab "AA Dental Design" located in Murrieta, CA, to make a      partnership with.                                   

    • You can search for partners by their lab name, email address, postal code, or address.

  4. Locate AA Dental Design and click the Request Partnership button. Check the partner's terms and conditions, and click the Confirm button.

  5.  You will see that the lab has been added to the Partners > My Partner List with     status reflected as Partnership Pending

  6. The "Partnership Pending" status will be changed to "Partnership" when the lab accepts the request.

If you don't see your scanner or software on the list, give us a call at

(951) 698-9309, and we'll walk you through the setup process for your model.

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